Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fat blokes Festive Fatass

brisbane forest park 48km - 6.22
the gap to mt nebo and return.

map here: (except there is no loop at the top just and outNback) http://www.coolrunning.com.au/gallery/Maps-and-Cross-Sections/map3

my 6th and last ultra for the year.
have been injured the 1st 2 years for this so keen to run this year.
did do some of it on the mtb 2 years ago so was surprised how much easier the hills were by foot!

of course the dogs chose that particular night to create a ruckus by chasing possums so they got promptly tied up!
woke at 4am and when i looked at the radar decided to do a complete repack (and inculde the now infamously stylish poncho) and take the bigger camelbak.
glad i did as it was the coldest day in brisbane in 100+ years.
19 maximum with light drizzle all day - quite a nice day running assuming u dont get cold and wet.
as per usual started off slowly - especially when i arrived right on 5am and everyone else was trotting off down the road!
took some time stretching/warming up and just let everyone go.
had fun checking the map and practicing some basic nav even tho i probably didnt need to.
arrived at the 'rain guage' turn in just under 2hrs and figured it would take another 1.30 to get to tunraround.
ran into kato just after this (i hadnt seen anyone for 2.5hrs) who was struggling with a calf injury and walked with him for a while.
ran into darren byers on his way back down and then greg waite who was heading back to find kato and run to jollys lookout with him.
he told me not to miss the left turn 100m ahead which was good because i had actually made better progress than planned and didnt realise i was almost at mt nebo road.
saw parso heading back down on the walking trail to mt nebo village.

arrived at the turnaround in 3.10ish and when my request for toasted sandwiches at the shop was rebutted grabbed a coke and pine-lime splice and headed back with kelvin and hermie.
no-one else was doing the whole thing most getting lifts from the top or running to jollys lookout (4km away) where they parked their cars.
made good time on the way down and cruised it in with hermie and kel in about 6.22
only darren, parso, kelvin, hermie and me did the whole thing.
davo had waited maybe 2 hours in the drizzle after parso had come thru to give us some drinks.
very pleased to have got thru this well.
a nice day just trotting in the forest.
no-one seemed to know who was running what, who was coming first, who was picking up who and if anyone was still out there!
gotta luv fatass :)

did nothing else all week except eat and a 14km flat on sunday (69.40)

should do a yearly summary at some stage this week.


Blogger Tesso said...

Nice work Bro. You sure did cut a dashing figure in that poncho. I'm predicting they'll be a 'must have' fashion item in 2007.

If only I knew it was going to be so cool I might have given a bit more thought to doing the whole lot. Maybe next time.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

19 degrees is the coldest weather in Brisbane in 100 years - careful, there may be a flood of runners arriving shortly.

BTW, where's a photo of the (in)famous poncho?

7:03 PM  

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