Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

wishing all cr bloggers a happy festive season.
thanks to all my blog commenters for their support during the year: u know who u are!

bogong-hotham has been cancelled due to bushfires.
cancelling a run is of course little inconvenience to us compared to the poor bastards living down there.
next big run is fats festive fatass on wednesday 27th : 46-48kmish bush run.
have had a soft week just trying to get over a few niggles (mainly the left quad again) in order to do this one.
will run to half way and hopefully head back down if eveything is ok.
if not i'll ring a cab!
there is also the hares and hounds race at glasshouse 2.5 weeks after this.
havent given much thought to cradle yet!
but will need to book things soon.

had root canal for a dead tooth on friday
and then did what most people do after a painful dental procedure....
played golf.
despite having a numb face i actually scored a pb for the first 9 : 41 including 4 pars and a birdie (translation - thats good for me!)
need more dental work done in a few weeks: will play golf again after that and go for another pb!

monday - massage and needles
tuesday - 14km flat 70.50
wednesday - 14km flat 69.00
thursday - nothing
friday - crosstraining (golf)
saturday - 1hr stat bike 140-150 watts at 90+rpm
sunday - 14km flat 71.40


Blogger Brendan said...

thanks for entertaining me with your cranky humour in 2006. I look forward to reading about your exploits in the new year. see you in tassie Brendan

8:43 AM  
Blogger Iron Pete said...

I always feel like root canal's are just life being unfair, I am glad you tricked it all by having a good round afterwards. Here's to an ultra filled 2007.

8:45 PM  

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