Sunday, December 10, 2006


not much to report this week.
seem to have recovered well post kepler.
the usual sore quads, knee niggles and disturbed sleep but nothing of concern.
had an easy week this week and will aim to do 2 longer runs next week and build towards B2H which is now only 4 weeks away (assuming the bushfires stay away from that area that is).
made a quick pit stop at kurrawa today (at the finish of the kurrawa-pt danger 50km) on the way down to byron bay and as always it was good to run into the usual 'mob'.
kelvin marshall was up from melbourne and was celebrating his 300th mara/ultra.
also on this weekend was coast to kosci (C2K).
spud and blue dog completed this monster to be the first to conquer the 'triple crown': glasshouse and gnw 100 milers and c2k (150miles).
also amazing!
tim unfortunately pulled out at 115km with calf problems.
whippet crewed for tim then paced spud for the last 95km or so.
big effort from team mellum this weekend with vegie crewing for 40hrs or so non-stop!

monday - massage (ow!)
tuesday - 30min bike (just a light spin)
wednesday - nothing
thursday - 14km flat (72.30)
friday - nothing
saturday - 14km flat (70.40 was supposed to be slower oops!)
sunday - 1hr stat bike: sat on 140watts


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Glad to hear that you've recovered well from Kepler. That reminds me, gotta go look at the photos..

BTW, enjoy your night with Robbie. I sure did ;-)

7:08 PM  

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