Sunday, November 26, 2006


have to admit i feel a little 'shagged' at the end of the week.
was in sydeeneee for the week at a work conference.
had a busy first few days going to presentations/workshops during the day then social funcitons at night.
decided by wednesday that i'd had enough! and didn't go to much after that.
was nice to catch up with spud on thursday for lunch.
went for a run around the domain, the botanical gardens and opera house on the tuesday.
stuck to the exercise bike at the gym the other days.

flew back on friday washed some jocks and socks and headed straight up the sunshine coast for the weekend.
as it just so happens we were staying close to the 'great walk' sunshine coast hinterland.
it covers 58kms in total and is west of montville and mapelton.
website is here:
MRX and a few others ran up this way a few days after the glasshouse '5 mountians' run - but my legs and the DTI thought better of joining them on this occasion.
went for a run along the track on the saturday morning.
miscalculated a tad by thinking we were staying only 0.5km from the start (when it was 1.5km).
the terrain was fine but hard to keep at 6min/kms so my initial promise of turning around at kondalilla falls (12.5km) in 1.20 was looking in doubt until i decided to sweat a little harder.
not difficult terrain - just a few bits that are difficult to run in and a few little hills and twists and turns.
the sort of terrain thats definately quicker running in than riding on the mtb - for me at least!
walked some of the shorter walks in the northern section later in the morning with the other half and had a bbq lunch at kondalilla falls picnic area.
saw 3 snakes during the day!
the manager of the place where we were staying gave me a topo of the walk - i luv maps :).
he is now a friend for life.

monday - nothing
tuesday - 15-16kmish
wednesday - 1hr stat bike
thursday - 1hr stat bike
friday - nothing
saturday - 25kmish hills/bush
sunday - 1hr stat bike

6 days til kepler.


Blogger Spud said...

Great to catch up mate, looking good for Kepler, you lucky bast***. :)

6:36 AM  
Blogger Brendan said...

Very envious. One day I'll get my entry in early enough to get into Kepler. Hope it goes well. Will look out for the blog report.

7:41 PM  

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