Sunday, October 29, 2006

The ongoing drama continues...

quad and itb are behaving themselves so far.
went for a double cootha trail run (21km) on wednesday and felt good.
a mate was up from melbourne and played some golf with him the following day.
was bending down to t-up the ball when i felt a sudden pain in my 'bad' knee ?from the meniscus.
limped through the rest of the round.
the thing i hate about injuries is it really stuffs up your planning.
i can't really plan for gnw despite the fact i need to enter, arrange plane tickets, accomodation etc...
it really mucks your head up too - i had a saying a while back about ultra runners... walks with a limp but runs 50km.
(or is that TRIES to run 50km?)
you become somewhat unrealistic about what u should and can be doing.
having said this tho if we were realistic we probably wouldnt be running half the stuff we do.
will make a decision about gnw on wednesday.
have made arrangements for kepler - bloody hell plane faires to queenstown are expensive!

monday - nothing
tuesday - 30min stat bike
wednesday - 21km hilly and physio
thursday - a very bad round of golf
friday - massage
saturday - nothing
sunday - 30min stat bike


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Don't you know that golf is bad for your health ;-)

Seriously, fingers are crossed for you. Hope it comes good asap

8:27 PM  

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