Monday, October 16, 2006

It's better to live on your knees...

well so far so good.
2 test runs so far: 7km and 14km (today) with no problems.
the offending quad feels good to me (much better than 2 weeks ago!) but the massage dude is not happy - theres a large hard knot/band on the outside edge and he's worried that its started to calcify.
seeing the physio wednesday and no doubt will get some needles in there.
the itb itself which i guess was a secondary issue seems to have settled (touch wood!!!!!!)
will hop on the bike this week and if/when the quad settles ramp up the run mileage.
trying not to think about gnw at the moment.
i really think i should focus on getting ready for the alpine 'treble': kepler, b2h and cradle.
went map shopping last week (what trail ultrarunners do when theyre sad).
refuse to say what map i bought! ;)

the big news for the week is my resignation from qld health.
for those who dont know i worked for 2.5 years at caboolture emergency department.
work was in the papers a lot last year - especially after a (fatal) car crash outside the hospital entrance the 1st day of its closure due to lack of staff (only to be reopened later with senior staffing provided by a private company).
will now work only in the private system (have been there part time for a while).
its a lot less frustrating.
patients need things and we can get it for them.
they're happy, i'm happy. and thats important.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Map shopping. LOL. I eat. Maybe I should take up ultras - alot easier on the waistline...

That is great news on both counts! Take it easy & don't do too much too soon...

7:13 AM  
Blogger Iron Pete said...

Very interesting, I didn't realise you were in emergency medicine. Fits with the ultra running personality I suppose, things that the normal person thinks are impossible. :-) I suspect you have many tales to tell. Private hey, is there private emergency departments? I suppose there is. Good luck with it. When I am back running (ha!) we can swap emergency department stories on long runs... I have too many....

1:33 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Hmmm, what sort of needles????

Congrats on the job front. It must have been so frustrating working for Qld Health. You work your gizbets out and all they get is bad press. I'm sure they are going to miss you.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Horrie said...

Good to hear that the body is slowly coming back together. Great news about the change of jobs. Exciting times ahead.

8:35 PM  
Blogger undercover brother said...

thanks guys.
jen i assure u i eat while i map read :)
pete its funny u mention ED stories - there was this guy who came in the other day with a magpie stuck in his head, not to mention the people who garden in the nude and fall on things :)
tess - painful needles

9:29 PM  

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