Monday, December 06, 2010

The Saga continues...

got sick of the continual bum pain and decided to see a sports med person.
its been over 6 months now!!
got an MRI beforehand to look for hammy tendinopathy, but (of course!) it suggested a stress injury +- fracture to the lesser trochanter (hip) as well as a few other bits and pieces.
the ischial bursa looked normal.
in view of this got a bone scan which showed a few bits glowing including the left hip but no worse than the right and i have never had groin pain.

long story short the sports med and original radiologist think the MRI is ok and think the pain is still from the ischial bursa and had an USS guided local anaesthetic injection in there today.
if this works (seems to as i type) i will have another cortisone.
if not he wants me to have an SI joint injection +- MRI of my back.
havent run for the last 5 days, no rush i guess.
DNSed razorback, havent pulled out of B2H yet.

over the last 2 weeks incidentally i broke my jen_runs run (13.7km mt coot-tha) pb by 4mins without really trying to: 89.10
so between the bum and left prepatellar bursa i am feeling a bit broken at the moment but still putting in good times and feeling good when/while i run.
if only i could sit!...


Blogger Cirque said...

Ouch! Sending your bum good healing thoughts.

I threw myself down the stairs a few weeks ago and my bum is out in sympathy.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope things start to improve for you.
Michelle is in the 'wars' to at the moment - hip / knee pain. Has also had a few 'jabs' of cortisone (sp) to help.

Take care

Eat Em

7:51 AM  

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