Wednesday, January 20, 2010


was thinking this week i need to get back to doing some 'decent' mileage.
or perhaps that should be kilometerage.
years ago i wouldn't have even thought of doing even a 'short' ultra without a few 100km+ weeks and before my first 100 miler i had regular weeks of 120-140km.
not necessarily wanting to go back to those days but i have been running off damn low milegae (50-60km) for a while now.
running ultras once a month is often the best training (and fun) but i wonder if more is needed for the 100mile stuff.
1 of which i have coming up in march - alpine.
so people might see me out and about around the river a bit more over the next month or 2.
you never known maybe one of these days i will do as much mileage as bellthorpe ;)

assuming hiking counts i 'ran' 3 days in a row on the weekend: first time in a long while i have done this.
also need to add one bike session a week.
so thats 5-6 days a week of 'something'.

wednesday: 14km flat ?time
thursday: off
friday: 14km flat 68.00
saturday: 6hr hike o'reillys (lamington NP). toloona creek circuit then some 'narlier track' exploring around lyrebird lookout on the way back.
sunday: 1hr gentle run o'reillys
monday: off
tuesday: 14km flat 72.00

mt glorious (32km 1500A&D) is the next race feb 7th.
i like the way kato describes this race: "you start by running a few hundred metres along a road then suddenly you are running up an (expletive) cliff" :)


Blogger Bellthorpe said...

As much mileage as Bellthope?

Dream on, young fella ...

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