Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Consolation prize

Glasshouse Hares&Hounds 55km 10.1.10 6.12 16th/33

so only an hour or 2 after returning with the boys on day 6/the final day of AAWT i am doing some stretching.
whippet looks at me and says... youre going to do bogong on the weekend aren't you? :)
well derrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
to be honest with the weather and lack of zip in the legs i would've been skirting the langford cutoff big time (only had 20mins grace in 2008).
i absoltuely hate running in the heat and decided a 4th trip to the vic alps in 2 months was a little too much so headed back home instead .... to glasshouse.

nice event this one.
has taken me a while to fully understand the concept.
basically the 55kmers (hares) start at 3.30am and the relayers (hounds) start chasing us down an hour later at dawn.
yeah i understand that bit but i mean how it works in a running and social setting.
i think the good thing is the amount of people mixing together in the team atmosphere.
in the second half of the race a lot of the teams are at the cp's waiting for their runners and cheering everyone on which is great.

did a 6.03 a few years back and due to 2 x 50kmers in the last 5 weeks planned to do a 6.20 this time.
long story short passed a group of 7 running together just after the lookout which tailed me for a while so i couldn't relax until a km or so until the end.
hermie told me before the start his 1 goal was to beat me ended up getting passed by the group after the last cp (where i caught him) and was a whole 12mins and 8 places (!) back at the finish.
serves him right i guess ;)
didn't quite get the nice easy training run i was hoping for but it was nice to run an 'ultra' again rather than the really hilly/bushy 5km/hr stuff i have been doing lately.
nice splits - 2.53/3.19 or thereabouts (26.7km/28.5km 'halves').
the pool was fantastic at the end for cooling down which i really needed.
warm day but not as bad as b2h would've been.
guess i better start thinking about alpine 100 at some stage :)


Blogger Bellthorpe said...

It's great to see you again actually out there in the forests, like ... err ... running!

11:00 AM  

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