Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mt Glorious trail run 7.2.10 32km 1500mA&D 4.05.44 =25th/55

i really like this run.
yeah i know i say that about every run ;)
it's just so damn hilly.
km for km one of the hilliest in asutralia.
1500m up/down in 31-32km.
hillier than bogong and probably razorback too just not as 'technical'.

woke at 1.30am thanks to a storm coming across brissie.
never got back to sleep - tried to settle the dogs, checked the radar and headed off early thinking the drive would be 'interesting'.
got there ok and stood in the rain for 30mins directing parking.

we went off in groups of 4 which is always a bit of a pain - part of the permit.
started with tanky who i was running with as training for alpine 100 miler.
not a bad day all up.
rained most of it but not too heavily.
the rain made most of the terrain less rather than more slippery which was good.
a nice negative split for us 2.10/1.55 with the -500m downhill second half.
felt much more comfortable than last time (2008).
a slightly longer course than before probably 2km - so considering this pretty much the same finish time (4.05 v 3.50 for 2km more) - absolutely smashed myself uphill last time in 1.52 and paid for it later ;)

starting to feel fit in a cardiovascular sense.
legs need more work.

caboolture saturday.
have the maps out for alpine.

friday: 9km easy
saturday: off
sunday: mt glorious 32km 4.05
monday: 30mins easy bike
tuesday: 14km flat 72.50
wednesday: 14km flat 72.50 and massage
thursday: MGTT with alpine pack/poles 2.42


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