Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tready and bush-bashing

a few photos from castle crag lamington national park

headed back to lamington national park on the weekend.
did a loop involving lyrebird lookout and 'the crags'.
we were thinking LL would involve a fair bit more bush-bashing than it did.
overall it wasnt that bad - reasonable trail to hike on would be much crappier to run on.
enough tape to find the way especially with someone else leading :)
last time i went out to castle crag was a morning 'run' a few years back (more direct route) and remember returning thinking 'hmmmmm a little hairy by ones-self in parts'.
hasn't changed especially in slippery/wet weather.
a few spots where it's best not to look down.
reminded me a little of diamantina spur in roughness.
nice views though.

did my first bike-tready this morning in a long while.
standard session is 140-150watts at low rpm (80) for half an hour then pop the treadmill on maximal upslope and walk at 6km/hr +- hop on the bike for the same again.
a good session.

friday: 2.20 MGTT mt coot-tha
saturday: 14km 73.00
sunday: 5hr hike lamington national park
monday: 14km 72.10
tuesday: off
wednesday: 14km 71.00
thursday: bike-tready and massage


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