Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't tell Mellum (I ran a track event)

Caboolture 3x2hr relay: Team "Snap, Crackle and Pop" 1st mixed 65.8km or so

last time i ran a track event was gold coast 2003.
turned up on the wrong day (teams event day - oops) and ran 12hrs on a damn hard track around and around in bloody circles in the sun.
hardly entertaining.
good training run for a newbie ultra runner though.
and gave me respect for those who do these regularly - much much harder than the trail stuff mentally.

caboolture isn't a typical track run.
for starters its a soft 'dirt' track of 500m.
there are a few little bits where you actually have to lift your feet.
(watch the grill cover on the blind/dark turn).
there is a few metre elevation gain/drop each lap.

teamed up with CRs julz and chelle in a mixed relay team.
sounds like all of us were keen to just have nice training runs with no real goals/expectations but when the running buddies team (2x3hr including julz' BF) started lapping us early it was game on! :)
both girls ran really even splits and each did a HM in their 2hr slots.

suprising how entertaining it was: never really bored in the 4 hours of watching/lapscoring before my turn.
and didn't seem funny running the 10pm-midnight shift at all.
wasn't sure whether or not to start at 5.00s and see if i could hold it comfortably or start at 5.10s and speed up.
chose the former but didnt seem very comfy after only 20mins so slowed down a few seconds.
its amazing how comfy 5.03s feel compared to 5.00s ;)

got in a good rhythm 0.40-1.20 hitting 2.30 lap splits without a problem.
had a delusion at 1.40 that i could do a few 2.20s.
lasted about 1 lap!

have done a few HMs as training runs at 5.00/pace and this seemed a little less relaxing.
guess the late night start, humidity and 15mins extra time in glycogen depletion made it somewhat harder.
did a bit of teeth grtting in the last 15mins or so.

in the end just missed 5.00s average by about 30 seconds.
ie. ran for just under 2hrs and was a bit short of 24km on the final lap.

think we won the mixed by about 6 laps in the end - not that we were aiming to compete as such but it was still nice!
was a great mix of club teams and the usual ultra nutters on the track.
can't see myself returning to track ultras particularly at this time of the year but i definately will be back to caboolture.
oh yeah and we beat 'team buddies'.
all good fun :)


Blogger Yvette said...

You all looked strong out there - it was good to see.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Bellthorpe said...

For most runner, doing an ultra is crossing to the dark side.

In your case, I guess running on a track is similarly dark?

2:41 PM  

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