Friday, November 20, 2009

bro yoga


been a bit of talk lately about yoga and stretching and core on CR.
not exactly yoga but i have my own little series of bits and pieces i do at home on a daily basis give or take (core maybe every 2 days)...

muscle mate: left itb and glute and left popliteus/calf; and whatever else is narky so sometimes quad and at the moment adductor.
maybe tennis ball to hammy if narky.
rolling pin to left itb if keen.
stretching: quads, calves, itb sometimes gentle hammy never adductors.
core/strengthening: glute work x few exercises some leg abduction on side, squats with ball and some funny one-legged thing simulating running with normal stance on 1 leg with progressive hip flexion on the other!?!
also some TA/lower abs work (lying with knees alternatively bending to 90 degrees/'table top').
some eccentric calf work on step (have been getting tight/narky left calf at times for 2.5 years now!!)

i think i needed to provide photos so it makes sense :)
professionally speaking i get proper massage once a week and pilates every 2-4 weeks.
physio as needed.

just plugging on the last few weeks a few bits that needed loosening and settling down.
built back up again this week.
was in melbourne for a conference mon-wed: spent more time running and more time shopping than i did attending ;)

saturday: off
sunday: JRR coot-tha 1.43
monday: off
tuesday: 12-13km to/from/around tan track melbourne
wednesday: 10-11km to/from/around albert park lake
thursday: off
friday: MGTT easy 2.27 hot/humid day

congrats to the boys at gnw especially whippet who made his much anticipated return off bugger all training.


Blogger Cirque said...

Well that's all well and good for you - but you know anatomy. I never know if that damned tennis ball or rolling pin is in the right place!!

Good to hear you're on the mend though, but did you really just say you've been spending your time shopping?

7:57 PM  

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