Monday, February 04, 2008


in the end its just all luck....
(and number of tickets in the draw!)
results from the hardrock ballot are that whippet got in again!
and bill, spud and i are all waaaaaaaaaaaaay down on the list.
in my case 185th/214.
in past years the first 30 or so of those on the wait list get in.
oh well TOH will be happy: off to europe for july.
and i will have 2 tickets in next years draw.
will need to continue to run ultras and mountain stuff to make sure they accept my entry into the draw next year.

mt glorious run yesterday.
32km with 1500m up/down ie. hilly
out N back course with 500m more climbing in 1st half.
lots of singletrack and lots of overgrown grass with the recent rain up here.
5 aid stations so didnt take the camelbak for a change.
knew it wasnt going to be my day when my $300 pair of oakley frames snapped at the 4km mark.
managed to fashion something together with a bandaid and then some tape but in the end it was just too hard and ran 'blind'.
at least it gave me an excuse to slack off on the downs.
quite a few people got lost (myself not inculded) almost half of the 40.
1st half in 1.52 but spent 3 mins fluffing around with the glasses and eating.
could only do 1.55 for the 2nd half as well which is pretty bad considering it was a 500m net drop.
just had no zip in the legs - probably went out a bit hard and maybe suffering from 'the hike'.
just felt miserable plodding along in the rain struggling to make out sticks and rocks on the trail.
especially when tamsin and kel caught me - was way ahead of them at halfway!
i will never talk about this run being 'speedwork' ever again!
just a good tough bush run.

a couple of humurous quotes from the TRAQ report...
One runner was seen returning after the second hill, advising one and all “this isn’t a run, its a bushwalk”.

All credit though to those hardy souls out for over 5 hours, some finding their way home by novel routes - in the cars of finishers, one dropped back by a QPWS ranger, another shortcutting through rugged bush completely off trail but emerging nicely close the finish.


think i came 14th/40 pending results.
will be back next year.


Blogger The Owl said...

Bugger!!!!! Rackin, fracking!!!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Bugger alright.

Maybe you can go to Cold Rock instead. I'll crew :-)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Bugger. So sorry to hear that you didn't score a start.

7:35 PM  

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