Monday, December 24, 2007

Coolrunning Christmas

i'm starting to understand what my running life entails...

run an ultra.
do bugger all for the next week.
2 weeks of 60km/wk just turning the legs over with ongoing physio/pilates/massage.
1 week rest.
next ultra.

feel even stronger in the 'core' now and next time i will be allowed in the sacred pilates 'room'.
no more ultrasound for me!
as has become usual got my monthly/2nd monthly left itb needeles on monday.
whenever the massage dude tells me things are extra tight i just book in and get them done.
the biomechanical stuff is going well and i am now allowed to run ;)
even he found it funny i was running ultras then seeing him and practicing how to walk.
guess the difference is i'm learning how to run/walk properly!
doing drills focussing on actually using that right hip flexor of mine.

monday: needles
tuesday: 7km flat 32.10 and xtraining (golf)
wednesday: work then cr drinks
thursday: pilates, massage and 14km flat 69.30
friday: nothing
saturday: nothing
sunday: 22km cootha run with RCRs
(backed up today for another flat 14km)

i always aim to start an ultra at least 90% fit and 90% healthy.
the niggles are settling and plan to continue this theme at bogong in 2 weeks.
(did need some heavy duty antacid after 'nurofening' myself tho!)
feeling 'at peace' with this race now.
no nerves.
leaf on the wind and all that shit!

thanks for the reminder about the fatass on friday tess.
for some reason i had it marked down for thursday.
and now i'm all discombobulated!!!!!!!!

merry xmas to all cr's and bloggers!
hope your running year has been all youve hoped.
if not theres always 2008!


Blogger Tesso said...

Bro, you are fast becoming a creature of habit.

See ya at Nebo (hopefully). I take it you are doing the full monty?

9:58 AM  
Blogger The Owl said...

roll on 2008
it's gunna be great
running galore
is what we adore
all in good fun
see you on the (long) run

as we Kiwis say Merry Christmas (cuzzie)bro!

10:04 AM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

LOL. That pattern of event, nothing, treatment feels vaguely familiar to me ;-)

Thanks for all your support throughout the year Bro. Best wishes for B2H & the rest of 2008 !

7:27 PM  

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