Sunday, December 16, 2007

Never chase...

an australian mountain running rep up a long hill.
went to the north-west edge of brisbane forest park today out past mt glorious to run with a few trail and mountain runners.

1st mistake was chasing bruce cook up the first hill (bruce did a 100km track in 7.36 in the 90s and still pretty damn slick).
2nd mistake was (when i couldnt catch him) try and keep up with hubertien who was 3rd lady at 6 foot this year and is an australian mountain running rep.
mustve been a male pride thing happening ;)
anyway we all waited for each other at a few points so at least i had time to recover somewhat.
3rd an final mistake was planting the left foot at the base of a small log and when not being able to lift it slamming the right foot into the same log (what the?).
to avoid the inevitable forward tumble i ended up on my toes with the calfs on full power which then both cramped at the same time ..... ouch.

had to take it easy on the downs as my right knee/meniscus is playing up again.
it was problematic before kepler but settled well before the run and i am hoping the same will happen.
however it is a bit sore post run and i had already been resting up most of the week so it will be a nervous week or 2 for me.

2.5hr coot-tha run on monday, bike on wednesday then nothing else all week.
3 weeks til gobong!


Blogger Tesso said...

Ha ha, chasing Bruce and Hubertien ... I don't think my Echo would even go that fast :-)

Betcha Coot-tha is nice. Always is on these cloudy days.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Merry Chrissy Bro!

See ya Fly-day morn :-)

9:21 AM  

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