Monday, April 23, 2007

Training week

i usually dont say much about my training weeks.
lets face it theres not much to talk about.
there always different to the one before.
some weeks i dont even run at all.
but here goes anyway...

monday: 5.5hr run around cootha/gap creek area.
covered almost all of the proposed 'coot-tha all trails run' course (hannahs idea).
a very tough run - was probably around 35km what i covered on the day (in 5.20).
a really good quads workout for wilsons prom.
lots of trotting downhill and trudging back up another.
will need to change the course if this run goes ahead later in the year - the chapel hill bits dont work and we need to make it >42.2kms so its an ultra!! (even if it takes us 6hrs+ to do)

tuesday: nothing (work)
wednesday: nothing (work).
spent some time looking at water purification studies for a paper i am involved in.
made a work related trip to K2 in 'the valley' to get some info on the miox purifier.
tried not to look at gear. its a hard life!
lets just hope with all this new knowledge i dont get giardia on the weekend :)

thursday: 1hr stationary bike (and massage).
nice and easy at 130watts.
got an SMS from a mate in the car on the way home from work - "nice letter in ourdoor mag .... clown!".
inspired by an article on mt tibrogargan last edition (the writers failed to scale the thing) i told them in a slightly cheeky fashion about my glasshouse 5 mountains run last year.
never heard back from them and assumed they binned it until i find it winning the 'letter of the month!'.
how cool is that!
happy to personally sign any copies ;)

friday: 1hr stat bike.
harder at 140-150watts.
quads felt tired afterwards which i guess is the idea.

saturday: 23km flat run kangaroo point to uni qld and back.
set off at 5min/kms and was suprised to be only a couple of minutes behind pb split at half way.
the legs were feeling it so decided to back off and cruise home in a 3min positive split so did 0.57/1.00 = 1.57 for the 23 (pb 55/53).
quickly stopped the watch at southbank on the way back but the brissie marathon expo was well and truly closed so kept cracking.

sunday: brissie marathon - cheersquad duties.
was nice being based at the goodwill/gardens drink station.
more things happening than last year. could get a feel of how people were doing by seeing them in different states at different times of the run.

a good weekend for mellum.
phil winning hellgate and tim making his comeback run.
veg pacing in the 10km at brissie mara.

a very sluggish double cootha trail today (20km) in 2.08 (pb 1.48 eeeeeeeeeeek).

wilsons prom next weekend.
will spend the rest of the week looking at maps and gear and 'freshening up'.
provisional plan is not to look at the watch too much, accept i will be crossing 'the river' at night and just trudge along.


Blogger Spud said...

I'll have a signed copy please :)
Looking good for the'll be a quad/gear off with Virtual.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

So did you win anything for being "letter of the month"???

I didn't realise the Coot-tha thing later in the year was going to be >42.2k. Not that I'm complaining ... yet. We'll have to give it a cute catchy name.

Good luck on the weekend.

2:46 PM  
Blogger undercover brother said...

spud - in the mail mate. also with a signed piccy of my quads ;)
tesso - won a helly hansen top.
havent seen it yet! maybe call the run tessos torture test??

5:22 PM  

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