Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wild horses couldnt drag me away...

remember that song from the 80s?
well anyway...

wild horse mountain 30km 3.02

never miss a chance for a run up at glasshouse especially not a night run.
originally planned just to jog this one but after a busy work week and a very unbusy run week my legs were keen for a smashing.
the run started with a trip up/down WHM so i was up with the quickies (dom, nic, bruce) by the bottom (9mins).
why is it always on the flat that i struggle?
got to 6km in 33.30 or thereabouts (so mustve been doing 5.20-5.30s on the flat) and the 20kmers split off here.
got passed by the lead 10kmers at about the 7km mark.
all the quickies seemed to be doing the 30km!!

got to the 10km or so mark and stupidly followed someone around a 'funny' right hand turn.
it was funny because we shouldnt be turning right and there was an arrow only and no tape in the trees.
hermie had caught me by now and we came to the next t-intersection that wasnt marked .... doh!!
the guy ahead of us had turned right here heading back even more completely the wrong way and ended up back near the mountain.
we turned back after a while to find the right turn arrow was more of a 'vear' than a 'turn'.
something youd easily appreciate during the day.

no mishaps from there just some nice flat bush running in intermittent drizzle.
evertually back at the base of WHM for the second and final ascent to the finish we saw 2 people 100m up ahead and despite nic telling us (on his way down after finishing) he thought they were 20kmers we had a crack at chasing them down only to come so close!
held hands with hermie crossing the line to indicate a tied position.
the 'girls' veg, di and hannah had finished the 20km within the last 10mins so they wouldve been in line for a 'dacking' had we not gotten lost ;)
was nice to catch up with the usuals: tanky, veg, ian, bruce, dom, nic, kel, charlie, greg, hermie, boon, di, hannah, schultzy ...

ran a slow flat 14km on tuesday (74.30) otherwise did nothing else all week.
need to work towards the prom race in 4 weeks time.


Blogger Tesso said...

Nice work Bro.

Some of the guys at Glasshouse last year were jokingly calling Wild Horse Mountain 'Brokeback Mountain'. And now I read about you and Hermie holding hands. Hmmmm.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Tamyka said...

I ran up Wild Horse at the end of my measly 10km and I'm going to call it broke-Tamyka's-calves mountain. Ouch! (Still, I ran - up a hill!)

9:51 PM  

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