Monday, March 19, 2007

The people you meet....

ruth had a conference in sydney this weekend so made the trip down on friday.
met someone i used to work with at the airport who was on the same flight.
then ran into keiron thompson (winner glasshouse 100 miler 2002) who was on his way back to sydney from work engagements at toowoomba and goondoowindi.
in the taxi rank at sydney i say matthew newton (son of burt) who i dont know of course but has been in the news recently after (allegedly) beating his ex-wife brooke satchwell.
was going to ask him how 'all the legal stuff' was going but thought better of it ;)......
sounds like a knobhead.

decided to run the sydney striders clovelly canter on sunday.
spud very kindly picked me up - on a day where driving in sydney wasnt the best idea - road closures due to the bridge's 75th birthday.
had an early morning dash to the queens park loo (eek!).
had planned to do 20km or so, so was knocking off 4-5km at the start and 5km in the middle and would run the rest of the way with my mellum mate.
unfortuantely the second group (6.10am start) passed the meeting point (50m from the start) first and spuds group (6am) was nowhere to be seen.
after letting the first group go and checking the watch i figured spuds group mustve taken a wrong turn and wizzed past via another street.
felt a bit confused and silly and lonely for a minute or 2 before deciding to head off myself; relying of course on my excellent adventure racing and nav skills ;)
...and a map as well of course:

took an intended little shortcut near the beach and was pleased to see the 6.10 group only 400m or so ahead.
the first bit of the run covers bronte, coogee and maroubra beaches so its quite a nice run.
had walked this way a few months ago when i last visited the area so sort of knew where i was heading.
caught up with the group nearing coogee and ended up running with the breakaway girls group (who were doing 23km) all the way back.
so wouldve covered 18-19km myself.
saw spud a while later at the end :(
he was the one person i had actually PLANNED to meet up with all weekend!
figured the 6.10 group took a shortcut and unknown to them has passed the earlier group in centennial park.
met up with brendan and talked about gear stuff (for the record my tent is MUCH better than his ;))
and then ran into the one and only jonathon worswick who (amongst other things) has a 5th place hardrock finish to his credit.

enjoyed the day very much.
except missing spud of course!

knee seems to be settling and and much more hopeful now about a trip to wilsons prom next weekend for the team mellum fatass fastpack.
having a busy week this week with physio/massage and the long awaited biomechanical analysis.

monday - 7km flat 33.30
tuesday - 7km flat 33.30
wednesday - nothing
thursday - 14km flat 70.50
friday - massage
saturday - nothing
sunday - 18.5kmish flat ??

22.3.07 EDIT: leaving tomorrow for the fastpack/running at wilsons prom. very excited!!
will give me a great idea of what things will be like at the race in late april.
hope the knee behaves itself.


Blogger Virtual said...

About time somebody else got lost. Now you know how I feel.

Re. gear. for the record my stove is better than yours. it runs o metho, kero, turps, diesel, and tomato soup, but the time to boil a litre of water when using tomato soup is painfully long. especially if you drank the metho first.

8:20 PM  
Blogger The Owl said...

Huh! You snuck into town, swanned around with the glitteratti of ultra running and we didn't even get to have a drink to celebrate!

Don't you know the etiquette? You are supposed to announce your impending travel weeks in advance so we Sydney-siders have an excuse to get together for drinks....again.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Spud said...

I reckon Brendan took the 6.10 group on a joy ride through Centennial Park and ended up in Double Bay. He then latched onto the 6.20 group and pretended nothing happened. :)

8:22 AM  
Blogger 2P said...

LOL - name dropper!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

So ... when Clairie and I were in Sydney we walked past Dick Smith. And Mark Baretta (Sunrise sports journo) waved to us as we were watching Kevin Rudd get interviewed by Kochy and co. And and and .... :-)

Looking forward to hearing all about the bio-mechanical thing.

11:55 AM  

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