Monday, March 12, 2007

6FT and all things mellum

i really should do that more often.
just spend a weekend away at a race swanning around.
the best time i've had in a long while!
i guess i might look a bit silly if i DNS every race so should get back to running at some stage.

lots of memories from the weekend.
seeing fats win was great - thought he would be on the podium after his effort at kepler but to win and grab the race record (3.24) as well was fantastic!
such a modest guy.
he and amanda won the partners race ahead of the fairweathers.
after the first few came thru ruth and i sat inside the cafe and ate an early lunch.
what was taking these mellum boys so long? ;)
was very excited to see whippet (4.41) come down the stairs first (ahead of any GBH member).
spud followed next (4.42) and as we got close to the 5hour mark i wondered if tim would beat doggie home as well!
team dog came thru a few mins under 5hrs with a rampaging mr g sprinting past him on the line.
g will be talking about that for some time i bet!
felt quite sorry for the dog - last year was year of the dog and i'm sure this will be just a bad blip on the radar.
i think his other half bernie g DNSd as well - not a happy weekend for them :(
every 2 minutes after dog came thru ruth would look at me and say 'wheres tim'?
(there - i've mentioned u tim u now have to comment on my blog!)
we got a little worried about him at the 5.15 mark and checked the DNF board but he trotted in in 5.37 with his ankle taped up from the fall.
really glad i didnt run now - wouldve been reeeeeeeeeaaaally embarrased to get beated by tim with a dodgy calf AND a dodgy ankle!
went on a cave tour after that so unfortunately missed 2p, plu and jenruns come thru but was very pleased to hear that all finished unscathed (well maybe not 2p! ;)).
looking forward to reading horrie and virtuals exploits from sweeping.
sounds like virtual got a little lost attempting the 12FT/sweep combo!

nice to spend the weekend chatting about all things mellum.
it didnt seem to bother me that i didnt run - seemed to make it more enjoyable to be honest!
had a good look at the area for future 12FT assaults.
a quick trip to nellies glen on sunday morning reiterated that if i was to race 6FT the BACK of wave 2 would be the ideal place for me!
but why would u want to race a trail ultra anyway?
maybe the hermannator was right? ;)

great to catch up with all the CRs: let me think ..... spud, whippet, tim, plu, jenruns, owl, louie, horrie, KT, kelvin, old knees, virtual, kato, hermie, blue dog, mr g, skizzk, cirque...
pleased to meet 2p (finally!), lulu, beckie O, colin, nando, shogun, sparkie.
appologies for those forgotten!
CR is certainly a great community ...... with a few bad seeds of course! ;)

felt 'special' when i introduced myself to CR god kevin.
and hey knew who i was!

now i need to get back to some running.
will do a flat 7km today to test the knee.
cant believe i'm nervous!
will know more about recovery by the end of the week.
hoping that the fastpack and wilsons prom 100km are still on the radar but not getting my hopes up.
i know my itb better than anyone (even whippet) and yet i dont know it all that well at all.


Blogger 2P said...

Hey UCB - great to meet you on the weekend - glad you enjoyed your trip down.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Beware Mellum. Team GBH are just playing with your heads and lulling you into a false sense of security.

3:43 PM  
Blogger The Owl said...

Hey Unco bro! Ta for letting me borrow your shoulder. As you would have seen by the photos on Jen's blog, you performed a great service.

Good to see you on the weekend. Hopefully we'll be cheering you again soon.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That'll teach Horrie and me to expect that the Dog could take on all three Mellums and come up trumps... btw. not sure if you are near brisbane city? I'm stuck in the Novotel tonight (monday 12/3) and would be up for jog tomorrow am if yr schedule permits. If so gve me a hoi.. Virtual

6:15 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Great to see you again UCB - next time I hope you'll be running.

I hear you on the nervous thing. I tend to feel that way the night before a run if my ITB is playing up. Hopefully yours will begin to behave itself very soon!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Horrie said...

Great to see you again Bro, although it was brief. Mellum were too good on the day. I think they have unlocked the secret to 6 Foot while the GBH boys are still learning. I think the buckle serves as the apprenticeship. We all have 2 or 3 more before we graduate.

5:55 PM  
Blogger tim. said...

I still think you owe me a beer!

10:36 PM  

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