Saturday, July 22, 2006

time for a break

wont be doing much racing-wise before GH (1st weekend in september).
thought i should list down what i've done so far this year...

1. sunday 14th may - GH 80km: 11.34. badly paced. a real bad patch at 42km. glad to finish and be 'back'
2. sunday 21st may - killarney ascent 10km (part of warwick pentath-run): 55ish (training run)
3. saturday 27th may - tamborine trek 62km: 7.54. much better day. sick earlier in the week. 2 ultras in 2 weeks!
4. sunday 4th june - qld (doomben) half: 1.53 (training run).
5. monday 12th june - mt cootha 9.4km: 43.28 (pb)
6. sunday 2nd july - gc half: 94.10 (pb)
7. sunday 9th july - kathmandu adventure sprint: 2.56. my 1st one!
then the 'training run' on tuesday 18th july: 50km plus 5 peaks at GH: 11.5hrs

thats a big year for me.
usually only get a handful in at most before i spend the rest of the year at the physios.
so really pleased .... just hope it can continue.

to come: GH100km and ? a rogaine in september. anything after that is too far away!

wont be blogging for a while.
see y'all later.


Blogger Tesso said...

No blogging = secret training.

I am on to you!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

C'mon, you can share your secret training with us. We won't tell a soul ;-)

9:50 PM  

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