Monday, July 03, 2006

gold coast HM peebee

guess i better blog something cause its gonna be another busy week.
have been planning for a while to do a sub 95 HM.
had only raced one before - GC half 2004 in 99 flat.
training was all over the place with some long trail runs and little short/quick stuff but i'm not complaining.
made a weekend of it with ruth and i travelling down on saturday night and leaving monday.

lined up between the 1:30 and 1:40 pacing groups (as one does).
couldnt believe it when i was passing walkers in the first few 100 metres.
the thing that really pissed me off was that 3 of them were walking abreast so it took so much extra effort to dodge around them.
angry grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
did the first km in 4.50 after much dodging/weaving and running on the grass.
managed to keep things pretty together and went thru the 5km in 22.05 which was right on pace - no harm done i guess!
next 5km in 22.10 (44.15) which is guess is my new 10km pb considering i havent done a timed 10km for 20 years and i know i did 44 something back then??
half way in 46.35 and i seriously thought i could even split this.
went thru the 14km mark in about 62 which means i was moving just as quick as my training run pb the other week but still had 7km to go!
unfortuantely started calculating with 5km to go that i had sub 95 in the bag (4.35-40s) and started to slow from there.
felt sick with about 2km to go and slowed briefly - luckily my brain told me how rediculous it would be to crash and burn here.
picked things up again and felt pretty damn pumped at the finish - especially since i crossed under the clock at 94.50.
was always going on watch/net time (94.10) but wouldve felt a bit silly finishing just over 95 on the gun so i'm glad i snuck under!
joined the CR cheersquad after and its great to cheer all those CRs - even if you dont know them!
was good to cheer davo because he'd cheered me a couple of times before but wished i'd hung around to see him finish now - he had a bit of a struggle in the marathon!
fantantastic to finally meet CRs official ambassador - plu!
clairie apparently passed out at the finish only to return not long after full of beans as usual.
was great to see her scream encouragement at all the finishing marathoners.

a few things that seemed to work...
racing flats - look 'poofy' but feel great
pre-race zofran (anti-nausea tablet) - seems good. the stomach behaved itself all except for 10 seconds of nausea near the end.
hydration - drank bugger all maybe 200mls which i think is fine on a day like that.

the week in full...
monday - (had worked the weekend). did 7kmish in 29.10. terrible splits! 14.15/14.55.
tuesday - nothing
wednesday - 13.8km standard flat run quickish 68 mins.
then nothing until GCM

next sunday .... kathmandu adventure race at teh gold coast/hinze dam.
to answer your question tesso... web site is here:
invloves about 20km mtb, 10km trail running, 3km kayak and then some little mental/physical/teamwork challenges.
doing it with a mate from work.
my first one and the plan is definately to finish with no broken bones or near drowning incidents.
have been looking forward to doing one of these for a while.

wont do any running this week.
just mtb and maybe a kayak on wednesday (have found a place bu the brissie river).
better be careful not to injure anything before next weekend tho.


Blogger Iron Pete said...

It was a great day for a run for sure. Was the zofran a preventative pill or were you crook to begin with? Good luck with the adventure race on the weekend, that was another of my goals for this year that went by the wayside, I was keen for some 'Hells Bells' action.... maybe next year.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Tamyka said...

You'll also want to be keeping your teeth in. The adventure race I went in, a chick lost her teeth in the first half hour. Ouch.

5:38 PM  
Blogger undercover brother said...

sorry to comment on my own blog but i need the numbers.
ironpete: zofran taken as preventative.
often have terrible nausea and/or vomiting during races.
especially in the longer ultras.
hells bells 2007 is locked in mate.
hopefully we will all still have our teeth.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Big congrats on the huge PB Bro. But its been a long time between drinks, I reckon you need to give some of that dirt stuff away and do more road racing - sub 90mins at Noosa!

3:32 PM  

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