Sunday, June 25, 2006

its been a big week for a little boy

big week this week - little running but heaps of (way too) much other stuff.
spent the whole week talking to the council, lawyers, insurance people and real estate agents.
mainly due to the recent property purchase but also in a pre-end of financial year spending/paying bills spree.
also bought 2 new pairs of running shoes :)
are they a tax deduction??

monday - nothing
tuesday - 26km flat in the cold&rain. never thought i'd wear my single layer gortex jacket in brisbane!
wednesday - nothing
thursday - 30min easy exercise bike
friday - 30km glasshouse run including beerburrum and wildhorse mts. not sure why i decided to take the 'long' way via hamburger hill to mt beerburrum with martin schott (CR MRX) but i was sure regretting it half way up. just luv those GH training runs make me happy and content for at least a fortnight!
for some reason have come up with the crazy idea of a wildhorse -> beerwah -> beerburrum -> tibbrogargan (4 mountains) training run. sort of a variation on bill thompsons training run/walks between beerwah and tibro. i think i need some more mmmmmmmedication.
saturday - nothing
sunday - 30min ex bike

so thats 56km or so in 2 runs then another hour on the bike.
a bit of a funny training week.
but i've had a lot of them lately.
have an ultra race one week then short one the next. training is all over the place but at least i;m enjoying myself.
will do some shorter stuff next week and some more bike in prep for gc half.
will then need to change training tack yet again! and do some mtb and paddling before kathmandu adventure race the following weekend.
cant wait for either!


Blogger Tesso said...

I'm gonna have to join you guys on one of those Glasshouse training runs ... yikes ... what am I saying ... I think I need some of that mmmmmmmedication!!!!! Does 99 go? I could always do a shorter run with her.

What's the big adventure race????

10:11 AM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Oooh, I can't wait to read about your adventure race report. I'm thinking about doing one of those. Don't you just lurve having happy ITBs!

8:33 PM  

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