Saturday, July 22, 2006


thought i should write down some things that worked/didnt from tuesdays run for future reference...

pack - took the bigger camelbak with 3 litre bladder. total weight 5-6kg at heaviest. no doubt could have been lighter - had a lot of upper body soreness the next few days but ate/drank nearly all i carried so cant complain.
hydration - approx 7 litres in 11.5hrs. peed about every hour! created a challenge on tibrogargan :)
food - good mix. ate a fair bit.
nausea - very little. had some heading out to WHM (ie when i started thinking about finishing!). took some zofran and a sodium.magnesium tablet and it disappeared in 5 mins (ie too soon for the tablets to have had an effect).
navigation - carried a line-topo map of GH. changed route once/twice so glad i took it.
feet - taping came off AGAIN (thats twice now). not sure why. maybe changing shoes on beerwah? will do away with the blister block as a first layer next time. probably dont need it anyway. will just use the leukoplast.
skins - used them again. probably a stupid idea to run up WHM at the end tho - fair bit of DOMS this time! may use them or my adidas tights at september GH.


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