Wednesday, June 07, 2006

dont tell the boss

left work (caboolture) early today. it was my last day before i go on 8 months leave from that job - holidays, study leave and long service leave.
rather coincidentally i had a run planned at glasshouse with ian and joe for this afternoon so that provided a great excuse to leave early not that i needed one!
was a little sad tho as i may resign so it could be my last day there.
have some leave planned from my other job so my LSL wont be wasted!

training week thus far
(sunday - qld half)
monday - 30mins stat bike
tuesday - nothing
wednesday - 25km approx flatish glasshouse
have massage and ?bike planned for tomorrow
will do the coot-tha race on monday


Blogger Tesso said...

You have a blog!!!!! In the words of my hero, Dorrie Evans ...


1:35 PM  
Blogger Iron Pete said...

precisely my thoughts tesso. I have just done a 'catch up' and dicovered the ucb's work....

2:31 PM  

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