Wednesday, July 19, 2006

thats not a bruise ... this is a bruise

weekly summary for last week.....
basically did nothing except recover from kathmandu.
results are in and unfortunately i was (almost) right!
came in the last 1/3rd of the mens field 30th/42 and 44th/79 overall.
still pleased. lots of areas we could have made up 10mins and heaps of positions.
went to the physio and massage therapist at the gabba to help with post race recovery.
didnt realise until they told me but i had a 10cm diameter bruise on my left calf.
cant remember what from and didnt know it was there until they showed me.
they seemed impressed at its size and i'm sure they've seen a bruise or 2 in the lions players over the years!

monday - nothing.
tuesday - had an endocsopy (had some recent indigestion!): some inflammation but nothing nasty down there :)
wednesday - physio and massage
thursday - easy 14km with the husky
friday/sat/sunday - nothing (worked).


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