Tuesday, June 06, 2006

just a training run ... just a training run ...just a training run

often i say this but my brain leaves me on the startline and off i go.
was keen to do the qld half and have a look at the course but was determined not to injure anything - i always worry when i run on the road.
last time i used a half race as a training run i did 1.46 (gold coast ?2002) and was sore for bloody days so planned to do this one in 1.50-1.55.
nice course - a few lumps and bumps along the way - didnt bother me but im sure someone doing 3 min kms wouldnt be too pleased with all the potholes in the road and all the bumps going over the railway line ...
certainly not as pleasant as running in the bush but it was good to see fellow CRs and cheer them along the way.
i think getting up early and doing morning races (i am an afternoon runner) can only do me good even if they are road events!
could see along the way that hannah was looking good for her first sub2 and was pretty pleased about that - gave her a big cheer a few times and i think she thinks i'm a little nuts.
well i guess i am!
great to have the CR cheersquad out there - looks like becoming a regular thing - hope it continues on.
maybe there needs to be a cheersquad 'roster' so we can run some and cheer some !?!
...anyway... finished in 1.53 and dont think i ever breathed a hard breath.
no leg soreness the next day.
need to get back on the bike this week (maybe not the MTB - i tend to fall off. the exercise bike is ok) then i'll feel like i'm doing proper training again.
need to build the quads up and get some anaerobic fitness.
mt coot-tha 9.6km is this (long) weekend (250m ascent/descent) - i run there so often i feel like its my 'home' event.
have a softish (road) pb of 46' which i'll hope to break - tend to run more on the trails there now.
may run there this arvo and see what kind of form i'm in for the anaerobic stuff!
lets see if i can get up the hill sub-17!


Blogger Spud said...

You've put some good runs together there Dave, must be a relief after the shitty ITBS. Keep it going and don't forget to hammer that ITB with the rolling pin ;-)

Blogs are good, pity Whippet won't let us in on his sekret training.

Have a good one at Mt Coot-tha

7:38 AM  
Blogger tim. said...

just remember to detox regularly and take plenty of glucosamine and you will run like the angels.

9:42 AM  

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