Monday, September 03, 2007

Its Gonna Be A Buuuuuusy Week!

considering i'm only working one day (today!) it seems i can hardly complain :)
have lots of stuff to prepare for glasshouse on the weekend - trying to figure out how/where/why the crew will be and getting food and gear ready.
picked a bad week to buy a house (to rent) on the weekend.
now will spend most of the week on the phone to agents, pest inspectors, insurance agents, the bank and of course the lawyers ;)
at least i wont have time to think about the weekend!

still hypoxicating - will stop on wednesday.
was doing some heat acclimitization training and now i'm comfy walking around the house with the heater set to 30 wearing a jumper!
and with the forecast top for 22 i think i may be a bit chilly on the weekend :)
better stop that silliness.

an easy week this week...
monday - 3hr coot-tha run
tuesday - nothing
wednesday - 14km flat 68.00 and massage
thursday - nothing
friday - nothing
saturday - 1hr bike 140-150 watts
sunday - 14km flat 71.30

probably wont run/bike until ghouse.
glasshouse in 5 sleeps.
1 more shift at the germ factory.


Blogger Tesso said...

I think you should Google 'easy' and see what it means. I doubt if it will come up with 3hr Mt Coot-tha run.

Have a great week. Relax and stay healthy.

10:23 AM  
Blogger 2P said...

Good thing you're not a horse - hypoxicating is a prohibited practice in horse racing ;-)

Getting close now....

2:40 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

3 hours on Mt Coot-tha - nice. Say hi to Kokoda for me

Best of luck at GH. Looking forward to reading the race report

9:34 PM  

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