Thursday, September 06, 2007

Final Thoughts

heading up to glasshouse in the morning...
100 miler starts 5.30am saturday.
i will put my entry in tomorrow.

a few years back someone asked me how to finish one of these things.
since i have only finished once i recounted that experience :)....

youre sitting at a checkpoint at 4 in the morning having covered 125km or so.
you had been throwing up during the day in 35 degree heat and have had severe nausea for 12 hours or so.
you try and stand to leave, feel dizzy and fall back into the chair again. some stage youve just got to get back up again and start walking.
youve simply just GOT TO KEEP ON MOVING.

hope i can do so this time as well.
any text messages of support (especially at 4am sunday!) will be greatly appreciated.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

4am Sunday? Ask & you shall recieve :-)

Good luck & happy trails Bro

10:04 PM  
Blogger 2P said...

LOL - I'd have set the alarm - but I don't have your number :-)

6:23 PM  

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