Monday, September 11, 2006

I gotta get off this boat ..... NOW!

well i have to admit to being not a great mariner.
not sure why i agreed to spend 2 weeks up in the whitsundays on a boat.
think it was a case of being completely focused on glasshouse and nothing else!
the 1st 2 days were fantastic - what i'd hoped for - light winds, calm ocean, picture-perfect scenery, someone else driving the boat.
unfortunately not so good on day 3.
i'm sure 15-20knot winds wouldnt scare most people but they sure gave me the willies!
lost the plot at 6pm that night, grabbed my camping equipment (luckily had pre-planned) and basically screamed 'get me the hell outta here!'
yunno like one of those claustrophobic people in an overcrowded lift.
most embarrasing.
spent the night on a beach which i was told was much more comfortable.
was luckily on land (hayman island) for the next 3 days and needless to say i couldnt go back on the boat after that!
25knot winds were forecast for today :)


a few post GH race thoughts
pace - still waiting on the splits but felt good on the day. at a guess a 30 min positive split. harder to do better than that over 100km with the beerwah loop at night.
feet - fantastic. not a peep out of them. taping worked well.
chafe - have acquired some 'sports shield' from CR kato but stayed with the trusty 'ol vas for probably the last time here.
lighting - well i have a PT apex nothing mroe needs to be said!
food - good. bbq shapes were really dry and difficult to eat in the last few hours which was something new.
fluid - weight was even until the 2nd last check (then lost 2kgs in the final 2hr bolt). the frozen blue powerade experiment didnt really work (left some frozen 1.5 litre bottles at the cp's) with it staying frozen too long - was getting an initial supercharged solution initially then very dilute on return to the bottles. more experimetation required ... or maybe just a crewie!

to answer plu theres no way i wouldve gone on to do the 100 miles.
it was never really the plan - have been running more conservatively this year after 2-3 years of intermittent injury i'm keen to clock up more runs/ultras and i can assure u 100km is far enough!
also i didnt want to be worrying about 'proper' training while away overseas - wouldve ruined the holiday and the DTI - domestic tranquility index.
felt quite good physicially at the end but i was starting to lose it mentally (was seeing all these little moving frogs that were actually little stationary rocks on hamburger hill).
100 miles is more like double 100km in terms of the torture u put yourslef thru and i can always do that another day ;)
maybe physically i could have coped but mentally i would have been a bloody mess on that eastern loop (but whats new!).

thanks for all the comments guys - this may even be a new mellum record!


Blogger Tesso said...

Congrats again Bro on such a fantastic run.

One of my special memories is seeing you at the finish totally chuffed with your 100k achievement and stuffing pizza in your mouth. Made me think maybe I should try it myself ... the pizza not the 100k ;-)

1:06 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Whoops, meant to ask, what's next???

1:06 PM  
Blogger undercover brother said...

that reminds me ... thanks to davo and vegie for the pizza.
i dont think the rest of team mellum was very happy with all the meat chunks on it but i was!
GNW is the next 'big one'.
maybe something at bribie in between.
see u at the GH100km startline next year tesso!

11:31 PM  
Blogger R2B said...

Love you CR tagline about being and idiot if you can't do a 3hr marathon and being Rudolf if you can do 84km in 24hours!


I would have said so on CR but i have bashed Rudolf enough!

Nice work at Glasshouse too!

Cheers R2B

7:05 PM  

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