Tuesday, June 06, 2006

people in glass houses shouldnt throw ... up

(sorry about the crudeness of the title but it seemed appopriate ... belated glasshouse 80km report)
one version is on CR here: http://www.coolrunning.com.au/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=20;t=000362;p=12
but i guess the advantage of blogging it is that i feel more like writing the bad bits in.
which is very therapeutic.
preparation for this one wasn't ideal - was managing 60km/week inbetween ITB massages and about an hour of stretching/rolling/icing a day.
had done some longer run/walks up there in the weeks prior that gave me a lot of confidence but was mindful of the fact i had only done one or 2 'hard' ie. higher intensity runs beforehand. the reality was i wasnt going to drive spud and whippet man to the 1am start and not participate so i used them as an excuse to do the 80km instead of the 30 or 50km.
it was certainly a memorable weekend especially the incident where we stopped off at the BP servo at caboolture on the way to get batteries.
i preplanned and put some trackypants on but spud and whippet were in their running tights and certainly got some funny stares.
i guess its funnier when u know where caboolture is and what kind of people would be at the servo at 11:30pm on a saturday.
it was fantastic to be at the startline again with all the usuals and a few newbies and i certainly felt back in my comfort zone.
the first 30km or so went as planned until i arrived at cp5 a little early and decided to leave instead of having a sit.
then pushed things a bit hard on the infamous beerwah loop which is pretty hilly and has some tough terrain.
started breathing hard and sweating (in a thermal) which should have been a sign that i should back off but had the mp3 going and was buyoed by the fact i passed colin/pud and louie, a couple of early 50km starters and was catching joe/boonarga.
started feeling sick at the end of the rough stuff and without giving too much detail spent the next 50mins or so throwing up, sitting on the edge of the road, watching all the people pass me again before eventually staggering to cp6 feeling damn crook.
it was pretty damn cold (maybe around 5 deg) especially when my pace had dropped significantly.
it was pretty belittling to arrive at the half way mark of an ultra thinking about pulling the pin and i have to admit it was only a mixture of sheer embarrasement and knowing what crap i would get from whippet and spud for the next 10 years that made me determined to sit down until i recovered then try and move on.
took about 40mins to feel human again and i have to thank col colqhouhn for warming me up with his jacket and sleeping bag and feeding me tea to get me going again.
by this stage i was equal last (with tankie) again (which is pretty much my normal position at the half way of an ultra anyway) but had lost at least an hour and was looking at 11hrs plus (had hoped for 10.5-11).
left cp6 before tanky and after david and just started doing what i do best .... walking.
did that for the next 2 hours or so and with a few brief sits started to feel strong again.
it was pleasing to see all the 50km runners in the morning on the way to cp8 - meant it was morning again!
managed to still keep tanky (who passed me soon after cp6) and david/CR screaming knees in sight despite running very little - they ceratainly seemed to be slowing down.
caught them at cp8 and basically made the decision then to finish with them - assuming the feeling was mutual of course.
regretted it a little on the downhills on the loop at cp8 when i wanted to run hard and then again on the powerlines section nearing home but after 10 hours or so running with or at least within 20mins or so of these guys it felt wrong to split up.
needless to say if i'd issued a challenge to tanky i think she would have kicked my arse anyway!
david looked pretty buggered at the end of his first ultra but an 80km at GH is one hell of a first ultra to try!
felt pretty damn pissed to be honest at the finish (11.34) thinking if i'd pushed things harder in the last 20km i could have finished under 11hrs.
then when i looked at my splits i realised exactly how fast i'd gone out (approx 9 hour pace by the top of beerwah) i realised what a dumb race i'd done in terms of pacing and i think that was the key here.
i always try and even pace ultras - anything under 100km anyway so this was a big mistake.
writing this now 3.5 weeks after the finish of course i've forgiven myself but it really felt like a rookie mistake to make.
think i just got caught up in the excitement!
guess being a blog i dont have to thank anyone so i wont!
except maybe tanky in case she happens to stumble upon this.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Yikes. Great race report. I had a similiar "BP" incident after Warwick involving me, a pair of Skins & a dozen old bikers...

Looking forward to maiden visit to GH next year!

9:56 PM  

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