Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting back to 'Normal'

shouldve thanked CR exe 'junior' (aka spot) for 2 of the photos from the last post.
these ones i also 'borrowed' from CR (john) and were too good to leave out...
first is my fav: view from near the hut on mt hotham run looking back over razor-back track.
2nd is from similar place looking along the road - unfortunately cant see all the snow/ice on the cars!!
3rd is earlier on along the razorback.
someone on CR today reckoned the winds there were 110km/hr ...sheesh - i think i'll stick with 90km/hr thats still narly and more believable!!

2p the watch was great!! except it doesnt measure temp well when on the wrist but i knew that before buying it.

the physio asked me the other day what a 'normal' week for me would be.
i guess in an un-injured state i would like to run a race (usually an ultra) once a month with an easy week either side of the event.
this of course leaves only 2 weeks of 'training' in between which i would do maybe 60-70km/week (but thats a pretty 'narly' 70km!) and some exercise bike.
have struggled a bit lately to achieve this and stunned myself today by realising kepler is only 3 weeks away so i better get into some 'normal' running.
managed a negative split at sub 5's today for my flat 14km run for the first time in a while.
a bit of hammie tightness but nothing like the other week.

bought the boots and packs for our overland track walk this weekend.
yes more gear!!
the packs are NZ made:
i have the peak aspiration and TOH the natural exhilaration (dont u like the names?!?..... just waiting for one of tims comments!)
funnily enough i didnt like the lightweight ones as much.
they have a unique shoulder harness system which basically can move slightly from side to side so the pack 'swings' less.
my boots are la sportiva: which are basically gore-tex trail running shoes with loose ankle support - that'll fool 'em!
went on a 1.5hr coot-tha walk today to test the gear and eveything seems good.
christened the boots in simpsons falls and they came out looking crisp.

monday/tuesday - last half of bright
wednesday/thursday/friday - nothing except massage
saturday - 7km walk/run with dog and 30min stat bike (easy)
sunday - 1.5hr walk and 14km flat run (69.00)

'that political thing' which i am definately not paying any attention to in 2 weeks.
kepler in 3 weeks.

congrats to mellum at gnw - 3/3!!

'gear man'
over and out.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Having an addiction to gear is nothing to be ashamed off Bro. Me, I'm doing ok. It's been several weeks since my last purchase. Wonder if I can stay away from Paddy Pallin & Mountain Designs for another week.... ;-)

5:29 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Spectacular pics Bro. That first one should be framed.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Spud said...

Just as well you are the Gearman dude!

7:40 AM  

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