Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Hit Wonder

one of the funny thoughts going thru my head before finishing gh100 was that i wouldnt be a 'one hit wonder' any more.
and i got sick of telling people i had done one of these things 'a few years back'.
have now done two 100 milers (even if its the same one twice!).

some technical things from last weekend...
1. pace: maybe a bit quick first half?? 11.35 (in) 11.45 (out) from cp6/halfway.
2. food/hydration: the usual stuff during day. reverted to coke and chicken/veg soup at night. went well until after the 2nd loop at 10 when i was falling asleep standing up and didnt want to eat as much. maybe a sign of things to come at cp9... maybe a jellybean or 2 may have helped. or a more prolonged sit at cp10.
3. feet: the tape (leukoplast) worked really well. had to redo bits twice including at the 2 hour mark!! the only bits of my feet to suffer 'prune feet' from the wet were the non taped bits ie. the heels. may experiment with hypafix/fixamul over the next few months.
4. chafe: think i have found the best combination - calvin klein 'micro modal' undies (yeah .... not cheap!) and (frequent) sportsshield. huge thanks to kato for bringing me some at the start when i had left it in my 'crew car' for cp8. he will now be my lube supplier for life! may try the mellum patented 'no undies with bike shorts' again at some stage just to experiment - its good to be a little daring sometimes ;)
5. crew: go team donut!!
6. hypoxication: think it helped. never hurts to have a bit extra haemoglobin i guess.
7. shoes: montrail hardrocks - excellent!!!!!!!!!!!

post gh100 in 2003 i rememeber my first run back vividly: it was with workmates on the following weekend. went on a flat 13km that we would usually do in 65 but i hit the preverbial brick wall halfway and struggled thru in 75.
no such trouble this year: did a 70min 14km yesterday no problems.

got back to 'normal' this weekend with house hunting yesterday (the last place fell thru when the pest dude found some little critters) and a looooong 8hrs of gardening today (consider it x-training!).
its great to just chill and not have a 'big one' hanging over your head!
(apologies to any gnw100 people reading this! ;))

will head to coot-tha tomorrow with the new pair of montrails.
need to find a suitable place to bury the old ones - maybe i should go to cp9 with a shovel?

provisional plan for the next 6 months...
october: melbourne half (jog 1.45ish) and lamington (following weekend)
november: bright 4 peaks (and suss out bogong)
december: kepler (and fats fatass!)
january: bogong-hotham (and suss out alpine 100)
february: ?caboolture (probably not cradle)
march: australian alpine 100
in other words hope to spend a lot of time in the victorian alps!!


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Wow, that's a bl**dy impressive list of upcoming races Bro!

Glad to hear that the recovery has gone well. Say hi to Mt C for me

6:30 AM  
Blogger 2P said...

Lol UCB - you give me hope that one day I will escape my wannabe phase!

Great to see the recovery going so well.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

If I was a guy I wouldn't be telling anyone that I wear 'micro' undies :-)

Looking forward to catching up in Melbourne.

10:43 AM  

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