Monday, June 30, 2008


a little piece of home at the zoo?


China part 2...

some of the funniest moments were from what my sister-in-law calls 'chenglish' ie. the chinese version fo english.
* the quarantine form for entry that asks you if you have a psychotic illness or an STD!!
* the sign at the bottom of the walk to the great wall that says that unconscious people are not allowed to walk up
* the sign in pizza hut giving seating priority to 'the deformities'

a few other weird thoughts/experiences
* the chinese love their umbrellas - if its sunny (for shade) and if it even looks like its going to rain theyre up. must be a high rate of umbrella related eye trauma in china
* china is not the place for vegetarians. sure they have some random vegies you can order but no vege dishes as such. and even looking at the menu would prove upsetting: many places served shark fin! the chinese eat everything.
* by ouselves for the first time TOH and i were contemplating how to order two 'complete tour' tickets at the zoo. have to hand it to her she stepped up raised 2 fingers and said 'two ... panda' and all was understood.
* there are no lines/queues in china. its just a free for all. people looking like lining up are actually not and the people who push in from the side are just doing what they usually do. as my SIL says 'you dont wait in china - just push in!'
* looking at all the smog and my uncle in law (who works in china) telling us that just north of HK at shenzhen (where all worlds clothes are made) they are burning tyres for fuel. dont think they have world earth day there.
* going to the wall was special. just amazing how (and why!) they managed to build it. we were the first there in the morning so all of the local water sellers got a lift up in the cable car thingy with us. a few of them hung around chatting and after a few minutes we figured out we must have hired ourselves some guides :) one of them my brotherIL fasceciously refferd to as 'tenzing'. one of the funniest parts of the trip was when 'tenzing' offered to take a photo of us and procceded to say ...1...2...3... smell!! it was a bit of a climb up there so we probably did!
gotta luv chenglish :)

nice to catch up with brendan in HK


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Hehe. Brings back memories of my trip to China in 99 (I think). I remember being in a 'queue' and someone was pushing me really hard in the back. I turned around ready to give them 'the glare' but it turned out to be an old women about 80 and about a foot shorter than me!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Lucky you didn't end up with tickets to see Kung Fu Panda.

Saw a movie last night called Children Of The Silk Road, there was a bit of chenglish spoken in that.

4:05 PM  

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