Monday, February 23, 2009

I will return...

not sure what took me so long to realise this...

this is a running blog.
and i am not running.
i shall return to blogland when i am.
see ya! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the 'R' word

i must not mention 'the R word'.
well at least not until i am 'Ring' anyway.
the definition of which is when i put my pack on, wave to the other half and duly inform her i am off to coot-tha and will be back 'some hours later'.

4 sessions on the bike this week.
another 4 to follow with some more 'load'.
then i can do some walk/Rs ... if no pain ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Australia's worst natural disaster

before last weekend i had visions of bushfires as people standing on their houses with a hose trying to save their posessions.
i have now heard stories and seen photos and footage of 'tsunami like fire waves' 50 metres high rapidly decimating anything in their path.
photos above of what can only been described as the aftermath of a 'nuclear strike'.

a workmates' brother heard a roar in the distance to see a massive firewall rapidly approaching.
luckily he just had time to get him and his family in the car and out of harms way.
many others weren't so fortunate.
the death toll is currently 181 with many others missing presumed dead.
my thoughts are with those victims, their families and the people with the grim responsibility of fighting the fires and dealing with the aftermath.
needless to say for many reasons the AAWT has been postponed.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


for a few years now people have been doing 'expedition running' in the US.
the pacific crest and appalachian trails come to mind.
on the 14th february a new era will begin in australian ultrarunning.
my bestest buddies tim (he likes to be mentioned first), spud and whippet will be attempting to run/hike the entire australian alpine walking track (675km approx) in 14 days.
no-one has done it this fast before.
i will be joining chief-crewie kath in the supporting role.
no matter what happens these guys have started a trend that will change australian ultrarunning forever.

blog is here:
and there is a CR thread somewhere...